How to get the vaulting pole

Jul 14, 2023 par Skyangie

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the vaulting pole is introduced as a new tool. The vaulting pole is used to facilitate access to the village for the player. In this guide, we'll explain how to obtain a vaulting pole. 

Comment construire une perche dans Animal Crossing

Vaulting pole

When you don't yet have access to bridge building. The vaulting pole can be very useful for crossing rivers, and will come in very handy at the start of the game. You won't need to go around them.

To obtain a vaulting pole, you'll first need to build the museum. To unlock the museum, you'll need to give Tom Nook 5 different species of fish or insects. Tom Nook will then contact Blathers to set up shop in your village. You'll then receive a kit that will enable you to place the museum in your village.

When the museum is built (the day after you place it), you'll need to make 15 donations to the museum. When you've made your 15th donation, Blathers will give you a DIY recipe to be able to build the vaulting pole.

To build the vaulting pole, you'll need the DIY recipe (offered by Blathers) and 5 softwoods. You can find the softwoods by hitting the trees with a rudimentary Flimsy axe, a stone axe or an axe.
* It's important to know that hitting a tree with a HACHE will fell the tree, unlike the Flimsy axe and the stone axe.

Keep a vaulting pole with you at all times

It's important to keep a vaulting pole with you at all times so you can access different areas. Especially when visiting a mysterious island. You can always face a river without a bridge there. 

Additional note

  • You can pick up the vaulting pole DIY recipe for 500 bells at  Nook's Cranny (if you've set up the bell boom ordinance, the cost will be slightly higher).
  • To use the vaulting pole, walk to the edge of the river with the pole in hand and press A to jump over the water. 
  • The vaulting pole is non-breakable, which means it will never break. 
  • Unlike other tools, the vaulting pole cannot be customized.