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NationHive was born in 2017 from a team of gaming enthusiasts to offer guides, solutions and tips on several types of games often abandoned by traditional sites. We want to leave as much room for big games as for indie, retro or mobile games.

Game reviews

Our reviews are designed to give you our opinion on the game, and are in no way a promotional act or a consensual opinion. We wish to maintain our independence on the final rating. Being aware of the subjectivity of the tests, the team makes every effort to explain the context and details of the rating. The tests are carried out on games in their final version; we do not carry out any tests on beta, demo or publisher versions.


As we strive to offer you original, high-quality content, we are always open to spontaneous contributions from our readers. There are several ways to contribute:

  • Send us your comments, suggestions and corrections.
  • Write a page of tips for a game.
  • Support us financially to continue our work.



Our projects and future projects (we've got plenty under the carpet!) are financed by advertising. We decided that this financing model would allow us to maintain our autonomy and keep all our activities free of charge.