Video game release calendar 2023-2024

Video game releases 2023

Check out our video game release calendar for 2023, 2024 and the years to come on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X, PS5 and more: upcoming games or DLC will be presented with their release dates when available.

Releases february/march 2024

Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed ClashJujutsu Kaisen: Cursed ClashNintendo SwitchXbox SeriesXbox OnePS4PS3PCSteam02 February
Persona 3 ReloadPersona 3 ReloadPCPS3Xbox SeriesPS4Xbox One02 February
TanglesTanglesPCSteam02 February
99 Waves99 WavesPCSteam02 February
Legendary HopliteLegendary HoplitePCSteam02 February
The Jumping Alphabet SoupThe Jumping Alphabet SoupPS502 February
Space Docker VRSpace Docker VRPS5Steam02 February
Rock Rock 'N Racing Off Road and Grand PrixPS502 February
Mighty Aphid 2Mighty Aphid 2PS502 February
Dr. FrankDr. Frank's Build a BoyfriendPS502 February
Dreamland SolitaireDreamland SolitairePS5Steam02 February
Teppo and the secret ancient cityTeppo and the secret ancient cityPS402 February
Burnout Chaos: Drift Car ProjectBurnout Chaos: Drift Car ProjectPS402 February
Rock CanvasRock CanvasPS5PS402 February
EggEggPC03 February
Marmargee Fighter Girl vs. Zombies & Monsters!Marmargee Fighter Girl vs. Zombies & Monsters!PC03 February
my eyes deceivemy eyes deceivePC03 February
Shop LegendsShop LegendsPCSteam03 February
TOP Web Search 23TOP Web Search 23PS403 February
The BunkerThe BunkerPS503 February
Tales of SparkTales of SparkPC04 February
Hentai Tales: Licentious Town AzariaHentai Tales: Licentious Town AzariaLinuxMacPC05 February
The Lancaster Leak - Entity ExamThe Lancaster Leak - Entity ExamMacPC05 February
CLeMCLeMPCSteam05 February
Lilaina: Space Bounty HunterLilaina: Space Bounty HunterPC05 February
Finding AnastasiaFinding AnastasiaPCSteam05 February
Beneath the earth - BackroomsBeneath the earth - BackroomsPS505 February
Demons Of AsteborgDemons Of AsteborgPS4Steam05 February
AthenaAthena's RevengeLinuxPC05 February
Atomic Heart: Trapped in LimboAtomic Heart: Trapped in LimboXbox SeriesXbox OnePS4PS3PC06 February
CyberlinxxxCyberlinxxxLinuxMacPC06 February
Amidst The HazeAmidst The HazePC06 February
Sheepy: A Short AdventureSheepy: A Short AdventurePCSteam06 February
Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the MayanSydney Hunter and the Curse of the MayanPS4Steam06 February
Race Boat Simulator RacingRace Boat Simulator RacingPS406 February
AlisaAlisaPS5Steam06 February
Dungeonoid 2 AwakeningDungeonoid 2 AwakeningPS5Steam07 February
Poly Shooting SimulatorPoly Shooting SimulatorPS407 February
Dream BakeryDream BakeryPS4PS507 February
Shanghai SummerShanghai SummerPS5Steam08 February
Mustache In HellMustache In HellPS4Steam08 February
KONOSUBA - GodKONOSUBA - God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire!PCPS408 February
BpopBpopPS4PS508 February
Border Bots VRBorder Bots VRPS5Steam08 February
Mystery Box: Hidden SecretsMystery Box: Hidden SecretsPS5Steam08 February
The InquisitorThe InquisitorPS5Steam08 February
TsugunohiTsugunohiPS408 February
Dead HookDead HookPS5Steam08 February
Legendary TalesLegendary TalesPS5Steam08 February
Bartender VR SimulatorBartender VR SimulatorPS508 February
Helldivers IIHelldivers IIPCPS308 February
Nickelodeon Kids BundleNickelodeon Kids BundlePS409 February
Captain Firehawk and the Laser Love SituationCaptain Firehawk and the Laser Love SituationPC09 February
looK INsidelooK INsidePC09 February
The Tales of BayunThe Tales of BayunPS4Steam09 February
Sports and Adventure PinballSports and Adventure PinballPS509 February
Prisonela DXPrisonela DXPS509 February
JubileeJubileePS5Steam09 February
Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2Choice of Life: Middle Ages 2PS4Steam09 February
The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout AnthologyThe Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout AnthologyMacPCPS409 February
Borzoi AdventureBorzoi AdventurePS4PS509 February
Another World Mahjong GirlAnother World Mahjong GirlPS509 February
Treasures of The Roman EmpireTreasures of The Roman EmpirePS4Steam09 February
The Oregon TrailThe Oregon TrailPS5Steam09 February
Manitas KitchenManitas KitchenPS5Steam09 February
Deathly DangerousDeathly DangerousPS5Steam09 February
Real Car Parking 2024: Driving SimulatorReal Car Parking 2024: Driving SimulatorPS410 February
Echo Tokyo: ReaperEcho Tokyo: ReaperLinuxMacPCSteam10 February
Starward Rogue + Moonshine Inc.Starward Rogue + Moonshine Inc.PS410 February
Bulldozer Tycoon: Construction SimulatorBulldozer Tycoon: Construction SimulatorPS410 February
City Bus Driver SimulatorCity Bus Driver SimulatorPS411 February
Super Drunken GuySuper Drunken GuyPS411 February
100 Ninja Cats100 Ninja CatsPCSteam12 February
Love FMVLove FMVPS512 February
Horse RacingHorse RacingPS412 February
Drift OdysseyDrift OdysseyPS512 February
AirheadAirheadPCPS5Steam12 February
Paint by PixelPaint by PixelPS5Steam12 February
Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara CroftTomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara CroftPCPS3Xbox SeriesNintendo SwitchPS4Xbox OnePS513 February
Lysfanga: The Time Shift WarriorLysfanga: The Time Shift WarriorPC13 February
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle ChronicleIs It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle ChroniclePS5Steam13 February
Magical Girl DashMagical Girl DashPS4Steam13 February
Skull and BonesSkull and BonesPS513 February
UltrosUltrosMacPCPS3PS4PS513 February
GodsvivorsGodsvivorsPCSteam14 February
The Aquarium does not danceThe Aquarium does not dancePC14 February
Abyss SeekerAbyss SeekerPC14 February
Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another WorldDungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another WorldPC14 February
FolgoreFolgorePC14 February
Deathwish Enforcers Special EditionDeathwish Enforcers Special EditionPCSteam14 February
GENIE RepriseGENIE ReprisePS514 February
Arzette: The Jewel of FaramoreArzette: The Jewel of FaramorePS5PS4Steam14 February
Lords of ExileLords of ExilePCPS4Steam14 February
Deep Rock Galactic: SurvivorDeep Rock Galactic: SurvivorPC14 February
Bunny GuntzBunny GuntzPC15 February
Delivery BoyDelivery BoyPC15 February
HelskateHelskateMacPC15 February
Candle DaemonCandle DaemonPCSteam15 February
Mystery Box: Escape The RoomMystery Box: Escape The RoomPS515 February
Caribbean LegendCaribbean LegendPCSteam15 February
Worm WarWorm WarPS415 February
Trip World DXTrip World DXPS5PS415 February
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark IISpirit Hunter: Death Mark IIPS5Steam15 February
GUNVOLT RECORDS CychronicleGUNVOLT RECORDS CychroniclePS4PS5Steam15 February
Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUSPretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUSPS5Steam15 February
Memory Trees: forget me notMemory Trees: forget me notPC15 February
Survivorman VR The DescentSurvivorman VR The DescentPS5Steam15 February
Smalland: Survive the WildsSmalland: Survive the WildsPS5Steam15 February
Arcade Archives MASTER OF WEAPONArcade Archives MASTER OF WEAPONPS415 February
Crazy Chicken PiratesCrazy Chicken PiratesPS5PS415 February
CybercopCybercopPS415 February
Caveman RansomCaveman RansomPS5Steam16 February
20 Small Mazes20 Small MazesPC16 February
吞食天地2:誕生Reborn吞食天地2:誕生RebornPC16 February
Total TrailsTotal TrailsPS516 February
Supreme Car Parking Simulator 2024Supreme Car Parking Simulator 2024PS416 February
Genso ChroniclesGenso ChroniclesPS5Steam16 February
Edge of RealityEdge of RealityPS5PS4Steam16 February
Cube FarmerCube FarmerPS5Steam16 February
Animal Buddies - Party BeastsAnimal Buddies - Party BeastsPS416 February
Potato Sack Racing Simulator 2024 : Digital Deluxe Mega Chad EditionPotato Sack Racing Simulator 2024 : Digital Deluxe Mega Chad EditionPS516 February
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIPS5Steam16 February
Helichapter XHelichapter XPS416 February
Mario vs. Donkey KongMario vs. Donkey KongNintendo Switch16 February
Humvee Assault: War 3D FPSHumvee Assault: War 3D FPSPS417 February
Extreme Skyway Racer SimulatorExtreme Skyway Racer SimulatorPS417 February
Slave Zero XSlave Zero XPS5PS418 February
Pink PongPink PongPS5PS419 February
ForgivenessForgivenessPCMacLinux19 February
World of ShootingWorld of ShootingPCSteam19 February
Gambit ShifterGambit ShifterPCSteam19 February
Please, Touch The Artwork 2Please, Touch The Artwork 2MacPCSteam19 February
Free Stars: The Ur-Quan MastersFree Stars: The Ur-Quan MastersPC19 February
Empires Shall FallEmpires Shall FallPCSteam19 February
Furnish MasterFurnish MasterLinuxMacPC19 February
Resistance: RetributionResistance: RetributionPS520 February
LazaretLazaretPCSteam20 February
Plane AccidentPlane AccidentPC20 February
Supermarket SimulatorSupermarket SimulatorPC20 February
qomp2qomp2PS5PS4Steam20 February
3in1 Game Collection: Backgammon + Checkers + Mills3in1 Game Collection: Backgammon + Checkers + MillsPS5PS420 February
Toy Racer Turbo Wheels: Playground ZoneToy Racer Turbo Wheels: Playground ZonePS420 February
Jet Moto 2Jet Moto 2PS520 February
BalatroBalatroPCPS4PS5Steam20 February
Terminator: Dark Fate - DefianceTerminator: Dark Fate - DefiancePCSteam21 February
Lust GoddessLust GoddessPCSteam21 February
Bandle Tale: A League of Legends StoryBandle Tale: A League of Legends StoryPCSteam21 February
Froggie - A Retro PlatformerFroggie - A Retro PlatformerPS521 February
Escape the GlitchEscape the GlitchPS521 February
A Time TravellerA Time Traveller's Guide To Past DelicaciesPS5PS421 February
Penny’s Big BreakawayPenny’s Big BreakawayPCPS5Steam21 February
Left RightLeft RightPS4PS521 February
Geometry SurvivorGeometry SurvivorPS5PS421 February
Last EpochLast EpochLinuxMacPC21 February
Double Shot GalsDouble Shot GalsPS521 February
Arcade Archives JUNGLERArcade Archives JUNGLERPS422 February
Goblin Quest: Completed EditionGoblin Quest: Completed EditionPC22 February
Lifeform ZeroLifeform ZeroPC22 February
Grippy GolfGrippy GolfLinuxMacPCSteam22 February
Yohane the Parhelion - NUMAZU in the MIRAGE -Yohane the Parhelion - NUMAZU in the MIRAGE -PS522 February
QuadroidsQuadroidsPS4Steam22 February
Geometric Sniper ZGeometric Sniper ZPS5PS4Steam22 February
Forest Golf PlannerForest Golf PlannerPS4Steam22 February
502502's ArcadePS5Steam22 February
Garden Life: A Cozy SimulatorGarden Life: A Cozy SimulatorPS5Steam22 February
Bundle - Thunder Ray Origins (Base + Forgotten Duels)Bundle - Thunder Ray Origins (Base + Forgotten Duels)PS522 February
Jet Kave AdventureJet Kave AdventurePS5PS4Steam22 February
InkulinatiInkulinatiPS5Steam22 February
Heroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars OathHeroine Anthem Zero 2 : Scalescars OathPS522 February
The Wizards: Dark Times - BrotherhoodThe Wizards: Dark Times - BrotherhoodPS5Steam22 February
Open RoadsOpen RoadsPC22 February
Pacific DrivePacific DrivePCPS3PS522 February
PromenadePromenadePS5Steam23 February
Storyblocks: The KingStoryblocks: The KingPS5Steam23 February
Suika Watermelon FruitsSuika Watermelon FruitsPS423 February
UnlifeUnlifePS5Steam23 February
CreaturaCreaturaPS4Steam23 February
Hoversteppers: Zone 1Hoversteppers: Zone 1PC23 February
WindowkillWindowkillLinuxPCSteam23 February
Saint Patrick’s Day Four Game BundleSaint Patrick’s Day Four Game BundlePS523 February
JigSaw AbundanceJigSaw AbundancePS523 February
Instant DeathInstant DeathPS4Steam23 February
CrocCroc's World 4PS423 February
Operation SerpensOperation SerpensPS523 February
Dymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter AdventureDymension:Scary Horror Survival Shooter AdventurePS423 February
Co-ometsCo-ometsPS423 February
My Bakery EmpireMy Bakery EmpirePS423 February
Frictional CollectionFrictional CollectionPS424 February
Ruff GhanorRuff GhanorPS4Steam25 February
The Projet PouletThe Projet PouletPS5PS426 February
100 Robo Cats100 Robo CatsPCSteam26 February
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons RemakeBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons RemakePCPS527 February
Builders of GreeceBuilders of GreecePCSteam27 February
Gleylancer and Gynoug: Classic Shmups PackGleylancer and Gynoug: Classic Shmups PackPS527 February
Bio Inc. RedemptionBio Inc. RedemptionPS5Steam27 February
Beat the Beats VRBeat the Beats VRPS527 February
Welcome to ParadiZe - Zombot Edition (Pre-order)Welcome to ParadiZe - Zombot Edition (Pre-order)PS527 February
Tank FrenzyTank FrenzyPS5PS428 February
STAR WARS: Dark Forces RemasterSTAR WARS: Dark Forces RemasterPS5Steam28 February
Dead End CityDead End CityPS5Steam28 February
Drift Racing MadnessDrift Racing MadnessPS428 February
Final Fantasy VII RebirthFinal Fantasy VII RebirthPS329 February

Other release

Untitled Carnivores Game (2024)PCPS3Xbox One20 December
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine IIWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine IIXbox SeriesPS3PC31 December
Midline Midline '85iOSNintendo SwitchLinuxMacPC31 December
Wuchang: Fallen FeathersPC31 December
Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean31 December
ConcordPS3PC31 December
GOALS (football)31 December