How to expand your inventory

Jul 05, 2023 par Skyangie

Running out of space in your inventory can be one of the most frustrating things. Especially in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where there are thousands of things to collect. In this inventory guide, we explain how to expand your inventory. 

Comment agrandir son inventaire dans Animal Crossing

First of all, you'll start the game with an inventory of just 20 spaces. Inventory increases are made in 10-space increments, up to a maximum of 40 spaces

Step 1: Talking to and paying back Tom Nook

To increase your inventory, you'll first need to repay Tom Nook's loan for your tent. Next, ask Tom Nook to start building your future home. Tom Nook will then give you access to its Miles Nook + service. The Miles Nook + service is quite important in the game, as it will allow you to unlock several things and features, including space in your inventory. 

Step 2: Expand your inventory by 20 to 30 spaces

After completing the first step, head to the Resident Services building to access the Nook Stop. Choose the option of redeeming Nook Miles and press on the product called: Pocket Organization Guide. This will cost you 5000 Nook Miles. 

Step 3: Improve the Resident Service Building 

Before you can increase the size of your inventory (40 spaces) for the last time, there are several steps you'll need to take:

1 - First, after asking Tom Nook to expand your house, you'll need to help Timmy gather wood to build a new store. 
2 - Then, when you speak to Tom Nook again, he'll ask you to build a bridge and install/build 3 new houses.
3 - Follow Tom Nook's instructions to build your village.
4 - When the 5th resident moves in, Tom Nook decides to upgrade the Residents' Office into the Town Hall! This is when you can claim the final space extension for your inventory. 

Step 4: Expand your inventory by 30 to 40 spaces 

Once you've upgraded the Resident Services building to a Town Hall, head there to redeem your Nook Miles at the Nook Stop. Press on the product called: Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide. This will cost you 8,000 Nook Miles
Now you've expanded your inventory to 40 spaces

Additional Note:

  • The bags and backpacks that players can carry do not increase the number of spaces in the inventory. This is purely for aesthetic reasons. 
  • If you're short of inventory space, you can also store items in your home. Enter your home, select the item in your inventory and choose the option to store it. 
  • You can also leave your items on the ground outside - they'll never disappear and no one will touch them. But don't forget where you left the item!
  • For the moment, the maximum number of possible spaces in the inventory is 40.