20 things to do every day in Animal Crossing

Jul 21, 2023 par Skyangie

To enhance your gameplay experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and keep you moving forward efficiently, here are 20 daily activities to do when you visit your village.

20 choses à faire tous les jours dans Animal Crossing

1. Mailbox

When you leave your house, check to see if your mailbox is flashing with a little blue light. If it does, open it and you may receive a gift from a villager or your fictional "mother" in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

2. Landfill Container

Check the landfill container in the Resident Services building. You may find items such as plants, clothing, resources, etc. in there.

3. Nook Stop

Collect your Nook Miles at the Nook Stop located in the Resident Services building. You'll receive 50 Nook Miles when you use the Nook Stop for the very first time. The number of Nook Miles will increase over the days until you reach a total of 300. After 7 days or more of consecutive log-in on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll receive 300 Nook Miles once a day. 

4. Message bottle

Take a walk on the beach and look for a message bottle containing a DIY recipe. 

5. Dig the ground

Look for the little star-shaped marks, use your shovel to dig a fossil or a gyroid. You can then speak to Blathers at the museum to have it appraised. Sell it to Nook's Cranny if the museum already has the fossil. 

6. Bell tree

Look for a sparkling spot on the ground, use your shovel to dig up a bag of 1000 bells. It's important to note that you can also plant this bag of bells to create a bell tree. Be sure to replant the bag of bells right away. If you close the hole without any bells, nothing will happen. After this step, you only have to wait 3 or 4 days for the tree to reach its maximum size with the 3 bags of bells. No need to water!

* If you plant 10,000 bells, the tree will grow with 3 bags of 10,000 bells each. 

7. Hit all the rocks

Hit all the rocks with your shovel to find several objects, including resource, insect or bells.

* Tip: Remember to dig holes behind you (see photos below) so you don't slip, and make sure there's a clear space around the rock so resources or bells have room to fall. For more tips on extracting resources, visit the Animal Crossing rock guide. 

8. Shake the trees

Don't hesitate to shake all the trees in your village. Trees are full of surprises! By shaking, you can come across resource including tree branchs, a piece of furniture (in the form of a leaf), 100 bells, insect to catch with your net and even a wasp's nest!  

* Please note! It's important to keep your net with you at all times when shaking the trees, so you're ready if a wasp nest falls on you. To avoid getting a wasp sting, catch them with your net. In the worst-case scenario, use medicine to heal the sting. 

9. Keep your eyes and ears open

Listen and look to the sky. Balloons frequently fly overhead. If you hear a whistling sound that indicates the presence of a balloon, stand under the balloon and shoot it with your slingshot. For further tips and information, visit the balloon guide.

10. Talk to the villagers and give them a present

Don't forget to socialize with your villagers. You can also offer them a gift. Depending on your level of affinity, they'll also give you a gift in exchange for yours. Don't hesitate to enter their homes if they're there, you can maybe discover a new DIY recipe.

* It's important to talk to your villagers if you don't want them to move. 

11. Visit a mysterious island

Don't hesitate to use your Nook Miles to visit other islands. You'll find lots of surprises: resource, new fruit, DIY recipe and more! Many surprises await you!

* Make sure you're well equipped with all your tools before you leave. 

12. Complete the first 5 Nook Miles quests

Try to complete the first 5 Nook Miles quests each day, as they earn more Nook Miles. 

13. Collect resources

Collecting resource is especially important when you're new to Animal Crossing, as the number of iron nuggets, gold nuggets and clay in Animal Crossing can be limited. Please refer to the guide about resources in Animal Crossing. To harvest wood, shake trees and use a stone axe. Pick up weeds on the ground too, which can be useful for some DIY recipes.

* It's important to note that a stone axe is not the same as an axe. The stone axe will allow you to harvest the wood without destroying the tree, unlike the axe. 

14. Swim in the ocean to meet Pascal

When you get the swimsuit, head to the beach to dive and discover beautiful underwater creatures. Each day, the first time you collect a scallop while diving, Pascal will appear in front of you and ask for the scallop in exchange for an item from the Mermaid collection or a pearl.

* It's important to note that Pascal won't appear if the player's inventory is full. In addition, you cannot choose the reward Pascal will give you. 

15. Harvest/plant fruits and vegetables

Harvest your fruits and vegetables so you can cook and unlock new cooking DIY recipes. Some DIY recipes call for different kinds of fruit. 

16. Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters Shop

Be sure to visit the Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters Shop every day. You'll get some interesting finds. 

17. Bulletin Board

Be sure to check the Bulletin Board every day for upcoming events and birthdays. 

18. Turnip prices

This task only applies if you buy turnips from Daisy Mae every Sunday before 12 noon. Don't forget to check the turnip prices at Nook's Cranny from Monday to Saturday. Turnip prices change twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon (after 12pm).

* It's important to note that turnips will rot after a week, and it's impossible for a player to sell turnips on a Sunday. 

19. Shells and fruits

Collect shells along the beach, as well as your native fruit, which can be very useful for making furniture or cooking DIY recipes, for example. You can also sell them at Nook's Cranny to make yourself some bells. 

20. Get a Coffee from Brewster

Don't forget to buy a coffee made by Brewster, located on the second floor of the museum, as this will unlock the takeaway option, as well as new features present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.