How to build a ladder

Jul 14, 2023 par Skyangie

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers the option of building ladders. Ladders are mainly built to facilitate access to cliffs that are a little higher for the player. In this guide, we explain how to obtain the ladder and the wooden ladder set-up kit.

Comment construire une échelle dans Animal Crossing


First of all, the ladder is a tool that allows the player to access the cliffs. The DIY recipes will be given to you by Tom Nook once you've completed several tasks, as well as the installation of your first 3 houses for future villagers. 

To make the ladder, you'll need the DIY recipes, 4 woods, 4 hardwoods and 4 softwoods. You can find the woods by hitting the trees with a rudimentary Flimsy axe, a stone axe or an axe.
* It's important to know that hitting a tree with a HACHE will fell the tree, unlike the Flimsy axe and the stone axe.

Wooden ladder set-up kit

Unlike the ladder mentioned above, the wooden ladder set-up kit is not a tool. It has the same function as the ladder, enabling the player to access cliffs. However, it is placed against the edge of a cliff and can remain there, which is not the case with the ladder. 

To make the wooden ladder set-up kit, you'll need the DIY recipes, a ladder and various materials.

Always carry a ladder

It's important to keep a ladder with you at all times, so you can access high areas. Especially when visiting a mysterious island. You can always face cliffs when you get there. 

Additional note

  • The ladder DIY recipes and ladder kit are available from the Nook's Cranny store (if you've set up the ordinance on the bells boom, the cost will be slightly different).
  • To use the ladder, walk to the edge of a cliff with the ladder in hand and press A.
  • The ladder is not breakable, which means it will never break. 
  • Unlike other tools, the ladder cannot be customized.
  • There are several types of ladder: wooden ladders, iron ladders, vineyard ladders and gold ladders. 
  • The DIY recipes for the gold ladder can be donated by a random villager.