Discover our complete guide to Pikmin 4, which puts you in control of a rescue team to save Captain Olimar. You'll need to use Pikmin to progress through the various missions. In our complete Pikmin 4 solution, we'll explain how to complete all the levels at 100%, saving all the survivors and finding all the Treasures and onions.

Main story guide

Main story

Set off on your Pikmin 4 adventure with our guides to all the game's main missions and dungeons. Along the way, we'll show you the location of all treasures, onion upgrades, Otchi abilities and tech lab items.

Treasure guide


In this guide, we'll show you the location of all the treasures available in Pikmin 4 on Nintendo Switch.

  • All treasures

Onion and Garlic

Upgrade your Onion in Pikmin 4 to increase your army in these guides.

  • All onion improvements
Oatchi Abilities

Oatchi Abilities

Oatchi is a dog who will follow you throughout the game. During the adventure, Oatchi can earn several upgrades that will make him more efficient.



You can quickly access the laboratory to spend your Sparklium on upgrading your equipment and purchasing items.