Oinkologne (Male)

Pokémon #0916
Oinkologne (Male)

Oinkologne (Male) from Pokemon Go is a normal type Pokémon from the Paldea region (Gen 9). Oinkologne (Male) was added to Pokémon Go on September 5, 2023.

PC MaxAttackDefenseStamina


Generation 9
Height 1 m
Weight 120 kg
Category normal
English Name Oinkologne (Male)
Numéro National 916
Buddy Distance 1 Km
Catch Rate20%
Flee Rate0%
Stardust for a new Charge Move attack10000
Candy for a new Charge Move25
Can be put in a gymYes
Can be transfered?Yes
Available in Shadow
Japanese nameパフュートン Perfuton
German nameOinkologne
French nameFragroin