Jul 22, 2023

In this guide to Pokémon Go routes, we'll explain all about this feature and show you how to track and create routes.

Routes appeared in Pokémon Go during the "Blaze new Trails!" event, which kicked off on July 21. This new feature will allow you to change the way you explore, and provide a greater incentive to get out and discover your surroundings.

What are the Routes in Pokémon Go?

This feature allows Pokémon Go players to create, share and explore paths. Routes are a new community mechanism for exploring areas in a directed way.

These Routes are also integrated into the various special and field missions to offer new quest options. You'll be introduced to the Routes with the Special research mission From a To Zygarde .

How do I create a Route in Pokémon Go??

Routes are designed to let players define routes and share them with other trainers. It's a great place recommendation tool for players and an interesting opportunity to discover new horizons.

All Pokémon Go players can create public Routes to enable other players to discover their recommendation. To create Routes in Pokémon Go, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  • Head to a PokéStop or Gym, which will be the starting point.
  • Press the record button to start tracing your Route.
  • Add information about your Route and then submit it to send it for validation.
  • When the route is approved, trainers will be able to use it.

All Routes must be pre-approved to avoid duplication and abuse. To improve your chances, please write a detailed, error-free description before submitting the route.

How do I follow Routes in Pokémon Go?

All Pokémon Go players can explore Routes Pokémon Go trainers can view and explore Routes easily with a new dedicated interface. To find Routes in your area, take the following steps:

  • Click on the three Pokémon at bottom right to go to the "Nearby" menu.
  • Swipe on the Route tab to see the routes in your area
  • Choose an available route and follow it.

Exploration rewards

By following routes, you'll have the opportunity to earn bonuses. A Route Badge is also available on your profile page to keep track of your progress.

By following a route you can obtain the following rewards:

  • Earn candy faster with your Buddy.
  • Complete Routes for seven days to earn a PX bonus.
  • Earn a PX Bonus for the first Route completed each day.
  • Complete a Route with your Buddy to earn a Heart.