Pokémon #775

Komala from Pokemon Go is a normal type Pokémon from the Alola region (Gen 7).

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

How to capture Komala in Pokémon Go?

Komala can be found in the wild, especially during a certain event like community days. You'll also have the chance to obtain Komala during a quest for the Special research mission "Catching Some Z's".


Generation 7
Height 19 m
Weight 0.4 kg
English Name Komala
Numéro National 775
Walk with your Buddy 3 Km
Candy to evolve0
Capture rate20%
Flee rate0%
Stardust for a new Charge Move50000
Candy for a new Charge Move charged50
Can enter an ArenaYes
Can be transferredYes
Exists in Shiny
Exists in Obscure
Japanese nameネッコアラ Nekkoara
German nameKoalelu