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Good Pizza, Great Pizza - Order types
Jul 08, 2023 par Skyangie

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a cooking and restaurant simulation game in which you run a pizzeria. You'll have to be attentive to your customers' needs. Read this article to the end to find out what types of orders you can receive from your customers in the game.

First of all, it's important to understand the types of orders you'll receive from your customers in the game. Most orders will include:

  • Type of sauce
  • Toppings to add
  • How to cut the pizza
  • Cooking the pizza

Type of sauce

There are 2 main types of sauce in the game:

  • Tomato sauce: Unlocked in chapter 1
  • Pesto sauce: Unlocked in chapter 2
  • Chili sauce: Temporarily available during in-game events

Toppings to add

A variety of toppings will be available as you progress through the game. There are 5 possible kind of toppings:

  • Meat: Pepperoni, Sausages, Bacon, Anchovies, Ham, Shrimps, Chicken, Pork belly
  • Seafood: anchovies, shrimps
  • Fruits: Aubergines + Olives + Peppers + Pineapples + Tomatoes + Jalapeño + Avocados
  • Veggies: Onions + Basil + Corn + Garlic + Potatoes
  • Fungi: Mushrooms + Truffles

How to cut the pizza

Sometimes customers will ask you to cut the pizza in a certain way. Here are the different ways to cut a pizza:

  • No cut
  • In 2 parts
  • In 4 parts
  • In 8 parts

Cooking the pizza

Sometimes customers will ask you for a dark crust, a hard crust or to bake the pizza properly. Simply bake the pizza twice.

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