Getting started with Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Getting started with Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Jul 12, 2023 par Skyangie

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a cooking and restaurant simulation game in which you run a pizzeria. You'll have to listen to your customers' needs and provide them with the right ingredients. What's more, you'll also have to manage the restaurant's finances.

The game is built around a fun, cartoonish art style with original characters and a fairly simple, humorous scenario. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new recipes and upgrades for your restaurant. Although the game is simple and easy to play, it still requires strategic thinking and good time management to succeed.

Read this article all the way to the end to find out the 10 tips and tricks you need to get started with Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

1. Always add sauce and cheese to customer orders unless they specify not to. 

When a customer asks for a pizza with olives, you automatically add sauce, cheese and, of course, olives. Unless the customer mentions not to add a specific ingredient, always add the sauce and cheese. 

2. Always cut the pizza into 6 equal slices (as in the tutorial at the start of the game), unless the customer asks you not to cut the pizza or to cut it into the number of slices they want. 

It's important to respect the customer's order, otherwise you may lose money or receive a smaller tip. What's more, if you don't cut the pizza evenly, this can influence the amount of tip you receive.

3. Calculate your toppings.

As mentioned, you'll also have to manage the restaurant's finances, since all the ingredients you use on your pizzas are costs. Never cover the entire pizza with ingredients. Simply place a ring of 6 toppings in the center and 12 toppings near the edge of the pizza, as shown in the game tutorial. It's worth buying the Topping Guide at the start of the game to help you know where to place the toppings on the pizza. 

4. Pay particular attention to customer orders.

Avoid losing money by respecting customer requests. If the pizza isn't cut to order, if the ingredients aren't present or if the pizza isn't cooked to order, you'll lose money. You can look at the invoice to remind yourself of the customer's order, or look at your recipe book to find out which ingredients to use according to the type of pizza ordered.

5. Don't buy an ingredient manager at the start of the game, it's very expensive. Prioritize the purchase of toppings.

It's important to prioritize the purchase of toppings in order to serve as many customers as possible. 

6. Don't understand the order? You can ask them questions.

Don't hesitate to ask the customer questions about the exact ingredients they want in their pizza. This avoids mistakes and wasted money. * Be careful! It's important to note that every time you ask them a question to clarify their order, you lose 10% of their patience! 

7. "Well done", "Dark crust", "Crispy" 

When a customer mentions one of these terms, it means you'll have to bake the pizza a second time. You'll notice that the pizza will be a little darker than when you started. If the customer doesn't mention baking, baking the pizza once will suffice. 

8. Be logical!

Customers sometimes order pizzas with little information or specific terms. For example, vegan pizza (which contains no cheese or meat) or vegetarian pizza (which contains cheese, but no meat). What's more, customers sometimes ask for pizzas in an abstract way. Take a look at our guide to order types to find out exactly what you're talking about.

9. Save time by quickly clicking "OK" while customers are ordering.

You don't need to take the time to read each order, as they can often be very long, and you can reread the customer's invoice while you're preparing the pizza. 

10. HELP the homeless.

It's very important to help the homeless by giving them free pizzas or money, as they can be surprisingly useful to you during the game's main story. When he asks you for a pizza, you can give him a crust without any sauce or toppings.

Here are the 10 tips and tricks you need to know to get started with Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Enjoy the game!