Summary of our Coral Island guides and tips. Find all the information you need about the game, the different mechanics and tips to help you make the most of it.

Guides et soluces de Coral Island

Getting started guide

Here's a guide to getting you started on Coral Island! You'll learn the basics, what to do every day and how to progress efficiently in the game!

Guides et soluces de Coral Island

Main quests

Coral Island's main quest soluces in which we give you a step-by-step guide to the various quests in the game!

Guides des ressources

The resources

Resources are very important in Coral Island, as they enable you to build and manufacture many things! Here you'll find guides to the resources you can find on Coral Island. 

Les outils

The tools

Tools allow you to build and make many things! You'll find a list of Coral Island's tools here.

  • Tools list
  • The weapons
Le musée

The museum

On Coral Island, the museum is one of the island's buildings that brings together all the collections of insects, fish, artifacts and more.

Les événements


In Coral Island, a multitude of events await you. Find out what's happening and when the characters' birthdays are, so you don't miss out!

Guide des personnages

The characters

In Coral Island, you'll meet a multitude of characters! It's even possible to develop romantic relationships with some of them. Find out which ones!

Autres astuces de Coral Island

Additional tips and advice

There are thousands of things to do on Coral Island. In this section, you'll find guides on how to get geodes and more!

Guide des trophées et succès de Coral Island

Trophies and successes

Get all the Coral Island trophies, achievements and accomplishments with our detailed guide.

  • Trophies and successes