Unboxing Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle 2023

Discover Pokmon's special Halloween set
Unboxing d'un coffret Pokémon Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle 2023
Sep 19, 2023

Released on September 1, 2023, Pokémon Company is once again offering a booster box specially for Halloween, Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle. In this article, we reveal the contents of the box and the boosters.

The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle is a box containing 50 boosters, each with 3 cards. The cards are not new, and come from the Sword and Shield and Scarlet and Violet series. The cards are variations on existing cards with a pumpkin-shaped Pikachu logo, as seen on the cards in the Celebration expansion.


List of cards in the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle 2023

The contents are simple, with 50 boosters containing 3 cards. The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle is made up of 30 different cards. In each booster, you'll still get a holographic card, but no code or energy.

Sword and Shield089/202SinisteaCommon
Sword and Shield090/202PolteageistRare
Rebel Clash102/192Galarian RunerigusRare
Vivid Voltage019/185DhelmiseUncommon
Vivid Voltage069/185DuskullCommon
Vivid Voltage070/185DusclopsUncommon
Vivid Voltage071/185DusknoirRare holo
Vivid Voltage095/185LycanrocRare
Evolving Skies080/185MarshadowRare holo
Lost Origin016/196PhantumpCommon
Lost Origin017/196TrevenantRare holo
Lost Origin024/196LitwickCommune
Lost Origin025/196LampentUncommon
Lost Origin026/196ChandelureRare holo
Lost Origin064/196GastlyCommon
Lost Origin065/196HaunterUncommon
Lost Origin066/196GengarRare holo
Lost Origin073/196BanetteRare
Lost Origin081/196SpectrierRare holo
Silver Tempest103/195ZubatCommon
Scarlet and Violet034/198HoundoomCommon Holo
Scarlet and Violet087/198ShuppetCommon
Scarlet and Violet089/198DrifloonCommon
Scarlet and Violet090/198DrifblimUncommon
Scarlet and Violet104/198GreavardCommon
Scarlet and Violet106/198HoundstoneRare holo
Paldea Evolved062/193PikachuCommon holo
Paldea Evolved088/193MismagiusUncommon
Paldea Evolved097/193MimikyuRare holo
Paldea Evolved131/193MurkrowCommon

Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle 2023 is not Pokémon's first event set. The first edition of this type of Halloween set was already available in 2022.

Pokémon Company also offers Advent Calendars with boosters and other gobies, and for the first time, the 2023 Advent Calendar has also been available in French since early September.