Setup Gaming #25

Introducing Kyle Erickson's gaming setup
Setup Gaming #25
Mar 20, 2024

Presentation of Kyle Erickson's setup, a workspace based on a MacBook Pro with all the accessories needed for productivity. You'll find references for furniture, components and accessories at the bottom of the article.

This setup is more a workstation than a gaming setup. While it's totally possible to play with Apple products, not all accessories and peripherals are necessarily suitable for video games.

The desk on which the whole setup is based is an Effydesk Wildwood Standing Desk with a screen support from the same manufacturer, Effydesk Deskshelf;


The computer is a MacBook Pro M3 (Space black) mounted on a HumanCentric stand on its side. The setup consists solely of a single screen, an Apple Studio Display, which is an excellent screen for MacBooks. However, this screen is very expensive and lacks any interesting gaming features. Beyerdynamic headphones sit on a wooden stand matching the rest of the desk.

For peripherals, a CalDigit TS4 hub provides all the necessary connectivity for the MacBook pro. The CalDigit TS4 is currently the best hub/dock you'll find on the market.

An external hard drive was mounted using a Hyper Drive Next USB4 bracket and a Samsung 980 Pro. The keyboard is an Apple Magic Keyboard with integrated ToucheID. It's the closest you'll get to the feel of the MacBook pro's native keyboard, so you won't be thrown off balance when you're on the move. The mouse is a Logitech MX Master 3S and the whole set is on an Orbitkey mat.

In terms of decoration, the walls are covered with Olanglab wood panels and UMIAcoustics acoustic panels. LED strips from Lamono are integrated into the decor to illuminate the office.

A Grid Studio frame with the iPhone 1 is placed above the desk. This company offers several Tech products with components broken down into a table. You'll also find some Lego Mandalorian figurines.

ComputerMacBook Pro M3 Pro (Space Black)
Computer standHumanCentric Support Vertical
ScreensApple Studio Display
HardriveSamsung 980 Pro SSD
Hard disk enclosureHyperDrive Next USB4
MouseLogitech MX Master 3S Mouse
MousepadOrbitkey Desk Mat & Keyholder
KeyboardApple Magic Keyboard avec TouchID
HeadphonesBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Headphones accessoriesSupport en bois
HubCalDigit TS4
DeskEffydesk Wildwood Standing Desk
Desk supportEffydesk Deskshelf
Acoustic panelUMIAcoustics Wood Slats
Wood pannelOlanglab Wood Slat Panels
FrameGrid Studio iPhone Classic Kit
FigurinesLego Mandalorian
LightLamomo LED Neon Rope

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