Final Fantasy XVI sword exhibition at the Tower of London

FFXVI sword unveiled for exclusive exhibition alongside Royal Armouries collection at the Tower of London
Exposition de l'épée de Final Fantasy XVI à la Tour de Londres
Jun 20, 2023

LONDON (June. 20, 2023) - Square Enix today unveiled an exclusive month-long exhibition at the prestigious Tower of London Castle, offering fans the chance to discover an authentic replica of the sword of Clive Rosfield, the main hero of the latest installment in the acclaimed Final Fantasy franchise. This partnership with the Royal Armouries has been announced to celebrate the imminent launch of the highly anticipated action-RPG, Final Fantasy XVI, to be released worldwide on June 22, 2023, exclusively on the PS5.

In partnership with the Royal Armouries, a museum housing the UK's national collection of arms and armour, Final Fantasy 16's INVICTUS sword will be  exhibited on the second floor of the White Tower. This exceptional exhibition will run until July 19, 2023. Visitors to the Tower of London will have the opportunity to admire the sword up close. This is the first time that a sword from a video game has been exhibited alongside armor that once belonged to kings in the Royal Armories.

It’s thrilling to see the historic art form of sword crafting continue to thrive in the videogame space and what better way to celebrate this than by displaying this exclusive sword from FINAL FANTASY XVI alongside the Royal Armouries collection of arms and armour. We are always looking at ways to engage new audiences with our collections across the Museum’s three sites, so we’re very excited to welcome fans of the franchise and gamers alike to the Royal Armouries in the Tower of London -  Emma Mawdsley, Keeper of Tower Armouries

The sword was painstakingly shaped over several months by blacksmith Tod Todeschini, who accurately reproduced the intricate details of Clive Rosfield's sword using a variety of metalworking techniques. Using a combination of traditional methods and the latest technological advances in swordmaking, the lower part of the blade was sharpened from solid steel using portable belt sanders and grinders, then a long steel tang was welded, extending from the tip of the blade to the pommel. The upper part of the blade was then designed from two hollow shells, which were welded together and finely sanded using a belt and hand sander. Finally, the final details at the top of the blade were carefully formed and welded to complete the overall look.

SQUARE ENIX challenged me to bring the sword from FINAL FANTASY XVI to life from the digital world to the real world, therefore the first and most sizeable task was working out how to actually make it in reality,” said Tod Todeschini. I knew from the very start, this was not going to be an ordinary sword and challenging in every way, but I’m very pleased with the finished sword and proud that it will be available for the fans to view alongside the Royal Armouries collection in the Tower of London. - Tod Todeschini, the swordsmith on the project.

The Royal Armouries have three museums in the UK, and house one of the most important national collections of arms, armour and artillery in the world. The collection is housed in the White Tower of the Tower of London, as well as in the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and Fort Nelson, near Portsmouth. The White Tower plays a central role as the historic home of the Royal Armouries collection. In 2023, we celebrate the 700th anniversary of the first officially documented appointment of a private wardrobe keeper at the Tower of London. This event marks the establishment of an official administration to oversee the monarch's arms and armour.