Discover our complete Walkthrough to Starfield, which takes you through an open world in space. The story takes place in the year 2330, a time when humanity has settled beyond the solar system. In our Starfield Walkthrough, tips and guides, we'll reveal all the secrets of the game, the path of the main missions and factions, and the location of all the game's collectibles.

Guide to the main story


Discover Starfield's open world in our guides to the game's main missions. Starfield features 19 main quests.

Faction guide


In Starfield, you can join one of the 5 available factions, each offering different missions. You can obtain a total of 40 faction missions.

Outpost Guide


Learn all about outposts in Starfield, including how to unlock, build and uninstall them.

  • How to build outposts
  • How to remove outposts
  • How to establish cargo links
Relationship guides


Relationships: it's possible to start a relationship and get married. In our relationship guides, we'll show you how to start your relationship with certain characters.

  • Relationship with Sarah Morgan
  • Relationship with Andreja Romance
Star System Guides

Star systems

Discover all the Starfield star systems you can visit during your adventure.

  • List of star systems
Spaceships and crew guides

Spaceships and crews

In our ship and crew guides, we'll explain how the game works to help you manage your space adventure.

  • How to fly spaceships?
  • Where to find the ship's inventory (cargo hold)?
  • Where to recruit team members?
  • How to assign crew members?
  • How to smuggl?
Weapons and equipment guide

Weapons and equipment

Learn all about Starfield's powers, weapons and equipment.

Other guides

Other guides

Discover our other Starfield guides to find out more about the game.

  • List of cheat codes
  • How to earn XP in Starfield?
  • How to sleep and move forward in time?
  • How to make merchants replenish money?
  • How to cure afflictions?
  • How to search for new articles?
 Trophies and successes


Complete guide to all Starfield achievements and trophies, with detailed step-by-step instructions. We'll give you the easiest order to achieve the most difficult trophies.