Test de Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance

Creepy Tale 3 : Ingrid Penance
Aug 16, 2023

Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance is a narrative puzzle game based on a morbid children's tale. In our review of Creepy Tale 3 on PlayStation, we'll introduce you to a game with an original style.

Ingrid Penance is the third opus in the series, already released on Steam in March 2023. The PlayStation version of the game was released on August 16, 2023. The "Creepy Tale" series reworks traditional fairy tales into their own interpretation, adding a horror twist.


To avoid getting her shoes dirty, Ingrid, the protagonist, prefers to walk across a puddle of water on bread. You'll have to visit the various locations, meet the characters and solve the puzzles to escape.

The character of Ingrid Penance is a child who is particularly unbearable with those around her, and will end up in purgatory to be turned to stone. This aspect of the character makes it all the more enjoyable when you lose and have to die failing a challenge or puzzle.

The puzzles in Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance are varied, with some requiring you to explore the levels completely to unlock all the parts, tools and interactions. There are many in the game, some of them quite challenging.


During your adventure, you'll have several choices to make, favoring good or bad behavior. At any point in the adventure, you'll be able to tell whether you're a good person or a bad one by looking at your hands. These actions will therefore have an impact on the end of the adventure, allowing for a certain amount of replayability.

Both the gameplay and the graphic style bear a resemblance to Tohu. Visually, the game is pretty good if you like the style, and the level detail and environmental interaction make for lively gameplay.

The dialogue and soundtrack are perfectly in tune with the game's unhealthy side, and Ingrid's original voice strongly accentuates its ungrateful side;

The game can be challenging (we've got a guide to Creepy Tale 3 if you need it) and the game and environment will give you few clues as to the expected path. By talking to people a second time, you might get an answer that could tell you what's next, but don't count on that so much.

Light room

In fact, this is one of the strengths of this type of game, as having puzzles that are too obvious and simple would simply detract from the game. Here, the puzzles are well-balanced and in perfect harmony with the environment and context of the level.

Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance, on the other hand, is a little short, and can be completed in 3/4 hours. You will, however, be able to do a second and third play-through to see the different endings depending on your choices of actions in the game.


Creepy Tale 3: Ingrid Penance is a narrative game with interesting puzzles and progressive difficulty. The game's atmosphere is consistent with its universe, the levels and the puzzles to be solved. The game is a little short, but if you like this type of game, you'll be able to find your way around. Please note, however, that there is no French translation of the game.


  • Variety of puzzles
  • Game atmosphere
  • Visual style
  • Moral choice for multiple purposes
  • Puzzle difficulty


  • A little short
  • Few clues