List of badges

List of badges
Nov 14, 2023

In this Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide, we'll give you the location of all the badges available in the game.

Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder allow you to modify your characters' abilities to obtain new advantages, bonuses and moves. Badges must be equipped and can be replaced before starting a level.

There are several ways to unlock badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Florian will give you your first badge in World 1 in the Pipe-Rock Plateau and explain how it works. You can only equip one badge at a time before entering a level. As you progress through the adventure, you'll be able to obtain additional badges in the Badge Houses, by completing Badge Challenges or by purchasing badges in the Poplin Shops in the various worlds.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you'll have the chance to earn 24 badges belonging to 3 different categories, Action Badges, Boost Badges and Expert Badges.

Parachute Cap Badge

Type : Action
Description : While in midair, press R or shake the controller to open your hate and float slowly downward.
Emplacement : You'll automatically get the Parachute Cap badge when you pass through the second part of World 1 and visit the first Badge House.

Coin Reward Badge

Type : Boost
Description : Earn coins for defeating enemies.
Emplacement : You can buy this badge in the World 1 Poplin Shops for 30 Flower Coins.

Wall-Climb Jump Badge

Type : Boost
Description : Complete Badge Challenge: Wall-Climb Jump 1 in World 1: Pipe-Rock Plateau. 
Emplacement : You'll get the Mushroom badge for free by completing the Badge Challenge : Wall-Climb Jump I stage in World 1.

Auto Super Mushroom Badge

Type : Boost
Description : Start a course with a Super Mushroom power-up.
Emplacement : You'll get the Mushroom badge for free by completing the Wiggler Race - Mountaineering! stage in World 1.