Digs - Review

Nov 06, 2023

Digs, a mix of Dungeon Keeper and Tower Defense. In this Steam review, we'll take you through the game's concept, mechanics and challenges, making it an exciting yet unforgiving experience.

Digs is a tower defense game in which you have to set up the battlefield yourself, by mining squares and resources. With this simple concept, you'll have to set up your towers to prevent enemies from taking your treasure.

Initially, you'll be taken through a short but extremely effective tutorial to explain the game concept. The principle of the game is simple: you have a set number of possible actions between each wave, and you'll need to mine blocks to make space and obtain towers and resources. You'll then need to move your gold cart as far as possible from the portal in which the enemies will appear. The path they have to take to reach your gold will depend on the defense you've obtained.

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After several waves or by mining a certain block, other monster portals may appear in the most inopportune places. The location of the portals is random, and you may have to manage a new one close to your cart and away from the defenders.

As for the enemies, they are progressive and have different abilities: some can fly, so you'll have to think about their trajectory differently from those on the ground. You'll also have to face a different type of boss, more resistant than the enemies.

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Digs offers a fun and intriguing concept that allows players to carve their own paths, adapting to changing playing conditions and available tricks. The learning curve is relatively quick, but the different levels need to be approached in different ways. Each level has its own set of difficulties to keep you challenged.

The game isn't necessarily easy, and as you progress, you'll earn crystals that allow you to upgrade the various components of your game once and for all. These crystals are necessary to start a new level, as the challenge can be so great.

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Every game is different, and random events can sometimes lead to unfavorable situations, such as the appearance of several new enemy portals in quick succession. The randomness of the appearance and upgrading of towers can also dictate the success of your gold rush.

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Graphically, the game isn't out of the ordinary, but it's perfectly in tune with the gameplay. We did notice a few ergonomic peculiarities when navigating the game's menus and interface in general. During our games, we regularly had problems with zooming and moving around the zone. This meant that certain blocks were unintentionally mined, causing us to lose precious available actions. The other major flaw was the sound when a tower was destroyed by an event in some games, with the sound generated being far too aggressive for the overall sound atmosphere.


Overall, Digs offers a highly enjoyable and unique gaming experience, with its mix of Dungeon Keeper and Tower Defense gameplays. There's something addictive about the game, and every game is different. Digs is a good introduction to the concept of Tower Defense, and its system of progressing and upgrading towers and skills makes it easy to play again and again.

Points positifs

  • Nice gameplay
  • Improving your builds with games
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Good durability

Points négatifs

  • Sound problem
  • Ergonomics and UX